CFMEU Wall of Remembrance

Welcome to Workplace Tragedy

International Day of Mourning ceremony at Reflection Park

Every year in Australia around 200 fatalities occur through workplace incidents (around 4 per week).

These statistics exclude fatalities occurring whilst travelling to and from work and any armed forces fatalities.

Diseases such as cancer and asbestos-related illnesses cause an estimated 2,300 additional deaths perhaps more bringing a total of approximately 50 work-related deaths per week. Road accidents, in comparison, claim about 30 lives per week.

It is estimated that health and safety failures at work cost Australia at least $20 billion per year in lost production, treatment of injuries and illnesses and rehabilitation and compensation for those injured or made sick by their work.

However, the ongoing personal and economic costs to those injured, made ill or bereaved is immeasurable.

Workplace Tragedy Inc. aims to provide comfort and support to those left behind following these tragedies.



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